EVERY COUPLE HAS A STORY…. A story about how you met, what caused that spark and energy that exist only between the two of you, what pushed you to be together.. My hubby’s Grandma once told him:”WHAT’S MEANT FOR YOU WON’T PASS YOU BY”. We both strongly believe that and our story is a proof:

I was 19 and went to DISCOVER THE USA on a student program. I had a job at the amusement park on a beach in WILDWOOD, NEW JERSEY. Me and Michael worked at the same place. That’s all… What?! IS THAT ALL?! Noooooo!!! Yes, we worked together, but it wasn’t how we actually met :-). We met in a club. We were dancing in a circle of friends from work, and it kind of just happened that WE STARTED TO DANCE TOGETHER.. Oh my, I didn’t even know I could dance like that! People stood around us in a circle watching us dancing and cheering! I’ll never forget that feeling! So, that’s how it started – the SUMMER AMERICAN ROMANCE.

Time came to leave the states, we both had to finish college. We WENT TO OUR HOME COUNTRIES and got on with our lives, but kept in touch. Those warm memories from our 2005 summer had been with us all the time. WE HADN’T SEEN EACH OTHER UNTIL SUMMER 2007. That summer I stayed in my college city to work. I got a new laptop and noticed MSN messenger on my desktop. I never used it before and decided to give it a go. The program searched through my e-mail list and showed me ONLY ONE PERSON who was online – Michael. I SAID HI!, and hours of our online conversations started. Michael then told me that he never really used the messenger either, and only logged in at that moment to see who he could chat to. He discovered my ‘Hi’ message! WE TALKED ABOUT EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING AND IT FELT LIKE WE HAD KNOWN EACH OTHER FOR AGES.. We also discovered that Michael WAS NEVER ‘MEANT’ TO BE IN WILDWOOD! He came to spend the summer in New York with his friend, but it was hard to find a job and the cost of living was high for students, so they decided to move on. Someone got them jobs in Ocean City in MARYLAND. Now, bear with me, the next bit is important! So, off they went… They got off the bus and walked to the their new work address., which they couldn’t find. They asked for help. They were in Ocean city, but in NEW JERSEY! THEY GOT TO THE WRONG STATE! Agh, well. The lads looked for work online and found two jobs nearby.. WHERE? Of course in the amusement park in WILDWOOD! IT WAS SO CRAZY TO DISCOVER THESE THINGS THAT BROUGHT US TOGETHER! After about 2 months of our MSN chats, Michael wrote to me: “I’M COMING OVER TO YOU”.

Agh, I will never forget the feeling I had when I was waiting for him at the arrival gate. I felt as if something BIG and IMPORTANT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN! And it did… Michael came over for 6 days, and it was enough to realize that WE SHARED SOMETHING SPECIALl. Then we were apart again till New Year holidays. We’ve met 2008 together and had THE TIME OF OUR LIVES! When we were counting down for the new year to come, I MADE A WISH, which came true 3 months after – WE GOT MARRIED. We still had to spend time apart as I was in my last year of college and had to finish it. After our wedding we hadn’t seen each other for 3 months. BEING FAR AWAY FROM EACH OTHER WAS SO HARD At times frustrating. But we got through it knowing we were going to be together soon.. On the 2nd of July 2008 we were FINALLY. TOGETHER AS HUSBAND AND WIFE We were finally happy. Five years on – we still are.
We LOVE each other. I wouldn’t have found myself without him. It feels like a lot of things happened for a reason – for us to be together))