My mum is coming over to London for a visit next Friday. We are spending 4 days in London and then flying to Ireland and spending 4 days there. She’s never been here before and I’m just so excited! Excited because we will get to do all the girly things together like shopping and going out for coffee. Excited because there will be so many new places and things for her to see. Excited because I haven’t seen my mum for 5 months and I just can’t wait to give her the biggest hug at Heathrow! There will be tears and I’m even swelling up writing this, but those are happy ones, so it’s ok)) I imagine standing there in the arrivals lounge in the airport waiting for her and then seeing her coming out, and I can’t help but think about a scene from “Love Actually” – one of my all times favourite ‘feel good’ films. “Love is in fact everywhere”.

I got so much planned for us! We will be doing all the touristy things and sightseeing, and I also want to introduce her to all things British like posh afternoon tea and fish&chips (not from a corner shop though, but proper traditional fish&chips, which actually got me thinking – are fish&chips from a corner shop traditional? Because I pretty much don’t get them anywhere else, hehe!). When we are in Ireland it is all about family, castles, Dublin and live Irish music. When I mentioned it to my mum over Skype chat that we will be going out and listening to live traditional Irish music in a pub, first question she asked me was if we would be able to dance there (second question was if there was anything to drink in that pub apart from Guinness. I know.). It made me smile as I┬áimmediately remembered my first visit to Ireland when Michael brought me to the pub and there was Irish music there, and I couldn’t sit still on my chair! So I feel my mum and I are going to shake things up a little, hehe)) I’m so much like her and so different at the same time. She is my best friend and I love her to bits. 10 days to go…

If you have any suggestions for places to go and see in London – let me know in the comments below ))

  • michelle parrott - March 20, 2012 - 1:58 pm

    Sooo excited for you that you get to hang out with your mama! have a fab time xxxReplyCancel

  • Anna - March 27, 2012 - 1:50 pm

    It made me swell up too as I also get to see my mum rarely and loved her and dad staying with me in London. Wishing you to have a great time! Mine really enjoyed Phantom of the Opera musical :) ReplyCancel

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